Photography – Trying to capture a perfect sunset

This week I was determined to capture the perfect sunset. You know, the ones with all the pink and orange colors in the sky. It didn’t happen because mother nature doesn’t care what my plans are but I still tried! If you have ever lived by the beach you know that the weather can be very temperamental. This year we have had May grey, June gloom, and now no sky July!! What is going on dang it? The good thing about that is we can come across some amazing sunsets when it’s just the right amount of clouds in the sky (or so I hear… lol!) I am going to keep trying, maybe one of these days I’ll catch that perfect one. But for now I have pictures of 2 very different sky’s that still took my breath away. Isn’t mother nature great in reminding us how beautiful our planet is?


This photo was taken at Victoria Beach in Laguna. I am in love with the clouds here. Even though they blocked out all the vibrant colors of the sky (as you can see in the small strip at the bottom) they still are pretty beautiful.


As you can see the next days Sunset was a lot clearer! Beautiful and orangey. These next photos are all at Pearl Street beach in Laguna. I also love the clouds in this pic. And I LOVE when I can catch a good set of waves.


I was really loving all the clouds that day.


If you have never been to Pearl Street beach in Laguna, these rocks are what its known for. When the tide is low you can walk through the tunnel looking hole that’s in it. I also heard they have a lot of tide pools as well. This was my first trip to this beach so I will have to check it out again when the tide is low.


Not the pinkest sunset but I was still loving the colors in this pic. I also love how my camera captured the little rays coming from the sun.

And those are my photos for this week. Hope you all enjoyed! It’s been about 8 months now with my Nikon DSLR and I think I have made some great progress. Below is a picture from one of my first times trying to take pictures at the beach. LOL!!! As you can see there’s not much of a subject. No real good timing on the waves. Also I would suggest this wasn’t the best time of day to go out. Mid-day the daylight can be so harsh and so your limited to what techniques you can try.


But we all gotta start somewhere!!! Moral of this last bit is to pick up that DSLR that you spent bookoo bucks on, get it off the auto-mode and practice! You have no idea what you are capable of until you try. I think I still have a lot to learn but I continually surprise myself and It’s such a good feeling!

What have you all been taking pictures of this week? Are you newer to photography? Have you been doing this for years? Share your stories and photos, I would LOVE to hear about it and see what you’ve captured! I created a new Instagram specifically to this blog so check it out to follow my daily photos and tag me in any photos you would like to share! (who knows I may just feature some!)

If you love any of my photos on my blog and would like prints, I am working on an online store. So stay tuned! Hope you all have a great day!